The NOLA Baby Grand Reference Gold 3 employs technology recently developed for the Grand Reference VII Gold and Concert Grand Reference Gold 3. A major breakthrough in new crossovers has led to a stunning upgrade in performance.

These include the development of 220mm magnesium cone bass drivers driven by massive Alnico ring magnets for lowest distortion and improved clarity over the whole range. These two bass drivers incorporate gold-plated solid copper phase plugs -- the soft 24K gold plating damps the copper plug to eliminate any vestige of coloration from these drivers. These bass drivers are now twin ported to the rear in separate chambers, to provide deeper, smoother bass with improved dynamics. A 25% increase in lower chamber volume from 40L to 50 L results in an even more "open" bass reproduction. System sensitivity is now increased to 91 dB at 8 ohms.

Four new midrange drivers have been developed. These incorporate massive Alnico ring magnets with greater force and provide "lifelike attack" and improved transient response. These drivers now incorporate the gold-plated phase plugs as used in the bass drivers.

The proprietary true ribbon tweeters extend response to 100 kHz. The extended bandwidth provides an increased sense of "reality" from recordings.

The Baby Grand Reference Gold 3 is a mirror-imaged, open baffle dipole design that provides lifelike image size. Coloration throughout the 400 Hz to 3500 Hz midrange is eliminated due to the open baffle dipole design for the 4 midranges.

The three 3½-way, hand-wired Unison crossovers employ the latest exotic passive components. For maximum quality, no PC boards are used in the crossovers.

The loudspeaker includes a twin ball-bearing isolation base with premium spikes that eliminate coloration from floor-borne vibrations.

Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 100 kHz
Dimensions: 67 inches H x 12 inches W x 16 inches D (overall with bases)
Weight: 200 lb. net per side
Sensitivity: 91 dB @ 8 ohms
Finish: True Piano Black Gloss or True Piano Santos Rosewood. Other finishes and colors available. Bases finished in True Piano Black Gloss.
Specifications subject to change without notice.


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