The Micro Grand Reference Stand is a dedicated stand designed for the Micro Grand Reference Speaker. This unique design provides optimum performance of the Micro Grand Speaker to be realized under a wide range of conditions.

Unlike conventional stands, the Micro Grand Stand is engineered to take full advantage of Nola's ball bearing isolation technology. The isolation platform from the Micro Grand Speaker is bolted to the top of the Micro Grand Stand. The ball bearings are placed in the races of the isolation platform and the Micro Grand Speaker with its base attached is placed on the ball bearings. The premium spike feet supplied are screwed into the bottom of the stand.

Use of this stand will improve the already excellent performance of the Micro Grand Reference Speaker in the areas of transparency, improved mid range resolution, dynamics, openness, sound staging, depth of field and bass articulation.

The stand height is 17 inches which is optimum for the Micro Grand Reference Speaker. The finish is true Piano Black to match the finish of the speaker.


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