The Nola Contender 3 is a slim floor-standing tower loudspeaker that is a step up from the very popular NOLA Boxer 2 bookshelf. Compared to the NOLA Boxer 2, the NOLA Contender 3 offers sonic improvements in the areas of depth reproduction, dynamic range, low level resolution and bass extension. The NOLA Contender 3 provides bass extension to 30 Hz. The nimble bass quality of the original is maintained.

The driver complement consists of two new low mass 6½ inch woofers and one high resolution silk dome tweeter, in a vertical array. The silk dome tweeter is new for the NOLA Contender 3, resulting in even smoother response.

New 6½ inch bass drivers have been developed and these provide gains with an even cleaner and more transparent response across the range. Each bass driver is in a separate chamber, each with its own double flared port. This technique, while more expensive, eliminates woofer interaction and provides clearer sound.

The upper driver is ported to the rear while the lower driver is ported to the floor. The chambers are tuned to different frequencies to provide smoother room bass response.

The NOLA Contender 3 is a true three-way system with the benefit of increased mid-range clarity, yet it maintains the coherency of a good two-way, like the NOLA Boxer 2. We feel this approach, while more costly than conventional designs, provides superior musicality.

The NOLA Contender 3 maintains the smooth 8-ohm impedance and high 90 dB sensitivity of the original for easy amplifier matching. Use with amplifiers of 30 watts or more. The NOLA Contender 3 footprint is the same as the NOLA Boxer 2 on a stand.


NOLA Contender S3

The Contender S3 is a premium version of the Contender 3. High speed Mundorf capacitors and Nordost mono-filament silver wire throughout are employed to compliment the new silk dome tweeter. Improvements in transparency, dynamics, clarity and bass definition bring the performance experience closer to "live".

Dimensions: 44" H x 8" W x 12" D (including spikes), 50 lbs. net
Response: 30 Hz to 28 kHz
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Impedance: 8 ohms
Crossover: Built on two isolated boards point to point wired with premium polypropylene capacitors
Finish: American Cherry or Gloss Black
Specifications subject to change without notice.


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