The new NOLA KO3 incorporates the latest edge-of-the-art components in its new crossover system. These components, not available previously, allow KO3 to attain an even closer glimpse to the sound of "live music." These edge-of-the-art components employed in critical locations provide increased transparency with an even more "organic" sound.

The Nola KO3 expands upon the performance of the KO2 in such a way as to produce sound that provides a greater emotional connection between the listener and the music. Greater image density and focus with images beyond the speaker boundaries portray life-like dynamics. The KO3 provides greater low level resolution, even in the presence of high level dynamic swings. All virtues of the original KO have been preserved including the easy-drive 8 ohm / 90 dB rating, the outstanding "jump factor," huge soundstage, and fluid presentation.

The KO3 employs eight new woven carbon fiber mid-range drivers. These drivers employ advanced technical features such as edge-wound Kapton voice coils and cast aluminum frames. Additional use of Nordost mono filament silver wire in critical locations is utilized. All three crossover boards have been upgraded.

Dimensions: 48 inches H x 10 inches W x 15 inches D, 110lbs per side
Response: 30 Hz to 28 kHz, effective 25 Hz
Sensitivity: 90 dB / 1M / 2.82 volts
Impedance: 8 ohms average / 4 ohm min.
Finish: Gloss American Cherry or Gloss Black
Specifications subject to change without notice.


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