May 2007

Nola Viper IIA

(Translation from the original Swedish)

If you are hooked on a generous and full sound, with clear and present warmth, then Nola is THE speaker to look for!

Nola could easily be classified as a speaker that very few people could have anything to complain about. This relates to it's generous and pleasant sound. It's hard to miss anything because most everything you want in a speaker is there.

The bass is very alert and gives a fleshy bottom to the music, it could be described as typical for the type of base enclosure that the Viper IIA have. I can't imagine that anyone would miss deep bass from the Nolas.

It shows a very good seamlessness all over the frequency range, the midrange fills in very nice above the bass. Instruments in this range are presented with a lovely richness and body, giving you a speaker that never feels thin.

The treble stretches out very nice and takes over after the midrange beautifully. When playing piano music or horn you will notice the special shine and naturalness that the treble has. Not even the most rackety sounding records will sound aggressive on the Nolas, and they still have that good stretch upward in the treble and high energy. This balancing act is something that cheaper speakers seldom manage. The Viper IIA handles all types of music and this can be explained by the fullness in the sound and the lovely treble.


Scandinavian distributor of Nola Speakers