CES & T.H.E SHOW 2009

Carl and Marilyn Marchisotto were showing the recent Nola Baby Grand Reference that received our Speaker of the Year in the over $25,000 category which was presented at the show. Congratulations! Our world's first review was recently published.

Interestingly, I later asked a competing speaker maker if he had heard anything at the show that impressed him, other than his own speakers. He replied, "The big Nola's were pretty good...". That's the highest praise one can expect from a competitor. We agree. The Baby Grand's were Best of Show at Rocky Mountain for us and several other publications. It's very difficult to pull it off twice in two completely different rooms at two different shows. Hmmm. These MUST be "pretty good!"

Apparently the Baby Grand Reference has spawned an offspring in the form of their new stand-mount Micro Grand Reference Nola debuted at the show. Amazingly, the $14,000 Micro's have much the same quality as their bigger brothers but on a smaller scale. Though they only have three small drivers, the bass was tuneful, musical, low and enormous. "Everyone asks where the subwoofer is," Carl grinned. We wondered, too, but there was none. Looks (and sounds) like Nola has another winner.