The 4th Annual Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Awards - for 2007

Accent Speaker Technology's Nola Viper IA

Accent Speaker Technology's Nola Viper IA floor standing model is Carl Marchisotto's efforts to bring much of his highly respected larger model system's virtues to music lovers at a more affordable price. That also includes an attractive cabinet with a stunning piano gloss cherry finish admired by everyone who has seen the pair in my living room! At less than three and a half feet tall these loudspeakers are visually closer to being diminutive than imposing. They are, as would be guessed by all who know Marchisotto, designed for music lovers. They will play loud enough for home theater use, but one should not expect bloated bass or extra-live treble response - they are musical and all that implies. The only shortcomings for some listeners is the lack of bottom bass extension and power. That is a design decision to give listeners nearly everything else at a moderate price. The ability to easily rectify that one possible shortcoming is offered by adding one or a pair of Nola's well-known T-Bolt subwoofers. They are seamless matches both audibly and visually. Full review is scheduled shortly for this gem of a musical sounding loudspeaker. - Karl Lozier