Consumer Electronics Show 2016

The new Brio Trio 3-piece system wins Best Sound Gold Award at CES 2016. Considering a price of only $2700, this is nothing short of amazing. AV Showrooms full video review

CES 2016
by Chris Martens

Nola design chief Carl Marchisotto is perhaps best known for his costly and physically imposing tower-type loudspeakers, but a passion of his has long been to bring the famous Nola sound to a much wider audience through a compact, scaled-back (but pointedly not scaled 'down’), and accessibly-priced speaker system. That system turns out to be the new three-piece, satellite/subwoofer Brio Trio system, which consists of a pair of 5½-inch x 5½-inch x 12-inch, 1½-way, quasi-dipolar satellite speakers and a matching Brio subwoofer with an 8-inch woofer, a sealed enclosure, and a 250-watt Class A/B (not Class D) amplifier. The result is very simple and affordable three-piece system that, in due Nola fashion, sounds much more muscular, expansive, and musically evocative than it has any right to do for its size or price.

AV Showrooms reviewed the Metro Grand Reference Gold at CES 2016, saying "This is the best these CDs have ever sounded." Full Review

"Nola Metro Grand Reference Gold wins the Jimmy Award for most holographic loudspeaker of all time."

Carl Marchisotto of Nola showed his $33k Metro Grand Reference Gold open-backed ribbon/cone multiway, driven by VAC electronics (including the 200iQ amplifier). As usual with Nola, the sound was lovely, sweet, and spacious -- absolutely terrific on Patricia Barber’s vocals from Cafe Blue - Jon Valin