The LCR Reference loudspeaker employs open baffle technology to eliminate box coloration from home theater reproduction and to provide a perfect match when used as a center channel with other Nola open baffle main speakers. It also functions well with other brands of low-coloration main speakers when highest quality voice reproduction is required from the center. It can be used as left, center and right speakers or as surround speakers. For instance, a maximum quality home theater can be set up using Viper II main speakers with an LCR Reference as center and a pair of LCR Reference loudspeakers as surrounds. The T Bolt III subwoofer would complete the system. Five LCR Reference loudspeakers and a T Bolt III subwoofer can also be used.

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The LCR Reference utilizes four drivers in a 3-way system. Twin, sealed 6½-inch bass drivers flank a vertical array of a 110mm tri-laminate, cast frame open baffle dipole midrange driver featuring a new Alnico magnet system, and a 1-inch aluminum alloy dipole dome tweeter (same as used in the Viper II). The open baffle array of midrange and tweeter provides the spacious, coloration free, dynamic and alive sound that Nola speakers are known for worldwide. Wide, smooth, horizontal coverage is provided when used as a horizontal center channel. When a pair is used vertically, one can be turned upside down to produce a mirror-imaged pair with excellent focus.

System: Three way, four driver with open baffle mid and tweeter.
Low frequency: Twin 6 1/2" bass drivers in separate sealed chambers
Mid frequency: 4 1/2" tri-laminate cone operating as open baffle dipole
High frequency: 1" aluminum/magnesium dipole dome on open baffle
Response: 40 Hz to 25000 Hz
Minimum Power: 30 watts
Crossover: Two board bi-wire
Impedance: 8 ohm nominal, 4 ohm minimum
Dimensions: 25"H x 9"W x 11 1/2"D, 45 lbs.
Finish: Cherry wood or black ash wood with black cloth
Specifications subject to change without notice.


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